Our Locomotives

We are home to a unique fleet of 20 inch gauge locomotives, recognised as one of the most impartant in the country.

All four locomotives are lovingly cared for by our dedicated team in the railways own workshops. Please read below for further details of each locomotive.

Train Driver at Scarborough North Bay Railway

1931 'Neptune'

The original North Bay locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke & Co of Leeds in 1931, arriving on the eve of the railway's grand opening on the 22nd of May - at 11pm!

At a cost of £1080, in the age of steam, 'Neptune' was a record breaker, becoming the first diesel locomotive in the world to be fitted with a hydraulic transmission. Her builders convinced the council that for cost and efficency, steam outline bodywork in the style of an A3 Pacific, but fitted with modern traction unit rather than a boiler, would be the way to go. In her first season, 'Neptune' alone hauled over 418,000 passengers!

She was repainted into BR Brunswick Green in the early 2000s, the first change form LNER Apple Green the railway had seen.

1932 'Triton'

The success of the new railway in Scarborough meant that a second locomotive was required to cope with demand. 

'Triton', a near exact copy of 'Neptune' was ordered from Hudswell Clarke in Autumn 1931 ready for the 1932 season, alongside a second set of five carriages.

Named after the mythological son of the sea 'Triton', like its sister 'Neptune', have been in use every season in Scarborough since, and continue to be recognised across the world. 

Triton currently sports the livery that all four of our locomotives were orginally painted in, LNER Apple Green.

1933 'Poseidon'

Not an original Scarborough locomotive, 'Poseidon' was built in 1933 for the Golden Acre Park Railway in Leeds, named after the wife of the parks founder 'May Thompson'.

The railway at this amusement park operated for 6 years, closing for the 2nd World War. After the war, Poseidon operated at various lines through the decades in Morecambe, Kiverstone and finally Woburn Safari Park, where she ran as the 'Flying Scotsman'.

After a period in store at the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway where she was repainted and renumbered, she arrived in Scarborough in 2006. In 2018, Poseidon was once again repainted in BR Express passenger blue.

570 'Robin Hood'

Built in 1932 by Hudswell Clarke & Co, 'Robin Hood' is the odd locomotive out at the railway, being a 4-6-4 tank locomotive, without a tender.

Like 'Poseidon', she spent her life following a similar path, starting at Golden Acre Park in Leeds. In the winters between the summer seasons at Golden Acre Park, she was displayed as advertisement at Leeds Mainline Station.

Arriving in Scarborough alongside 'Poseidon' in 2006, 'Robin Hood' is a firm favourite with children and adults alike with her striking red livery. She was renumbered from 1932 to 570 (her build number) upon arrival so as not to clash with 'Triton'.